Stella Rose Collection.

Stella Rose Collection fashion.

 Women's shoes, clothing and accessories. 

Gorgeous Shoes by gorgeous Ang !! 

Megan Allan
Local business owner

About Us

Angela Heather Uys

Owner / Designer

Stella Rose Collection is a South African based on-line boutique. 

Our beautiful range of clothing, shoes and accessories are designed for women.  

We want women to Feel Fabulous!

We want to Inspire and uplift!

Our beautiful products are from around the globe.

Our leather shoes and pumps are proudly made in South Africa.  

We pride ourselves in providing beautiful, unique, timeless, classy, elegant, sassy, clothing, footwear and accessories. 

Enjoy wearing our beautifully Stella Rose Collection.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself"...Coco Chanel 

Thank you for supporting us. 🌹