About Us


Creating a skin care range for children has always been a huge dream of mine! Being a mom to 3 children and searching for facial products for my kids has been a major struggle! You get so many lovely products for babies and even better ones for adults, but nothing bridging that gap. Our Tweens also deserve the love as they enter this new exciting chapter in their lives.

I studied Somatology, have 2 international diplomas and over 13 years experience in the Skin Care and Beauty industry. I have worked with international skin care brands and know what a fantastic skin care line needs, to achieve specific results.

I have formulated this range with lots of love, care and careful consideration as to what ingredients are going into them. As Moms, Dads, Grannies and Grandpa's, we always want what is best for our children. STELLA-ROSE is a Organic, Vegan and Cruelty-free range. Did you know that is only takes 20 seconds for your skin to absorb anything you put onto it? Make sure you are using products that are safe and that benefit the skin.

My goal is to educate our little ones on how to look after their skins, and how important it is to simply wash your face. Putting this easy 3 step routine in place at a young age is vital to the longevity of our skins and to protect them from the things around us that can cause havoc on our skins and speed up the aging process. 

Let's be honest, when we leave it up to our kids, do they ever wash their face? They do a great job on cleaning the rest of the body, but most times the face is left out and playing the way kids do, at the end of the day there is dirt and grime that needs to be washed off. We can prevent future skin problems by implementing a skin care routine from young (such as acne to name one).

I have kept the range simple and exciting. Every experience, everyday will bring about joy, excitement and a sense of pride.

I look forward to expanding the range with many more exciting products that will enrich our kiddies lives.

Stella-Rose is inspired by my two daughters and son, Sadie-May, Stella-Rose and Seth. My three diamonds!

May these products bring you as much Joy as it has to my children's skin care routine. Here is to Strong, Independent, Amazing children that know a thing or two about skin care <3